oh, to be older…

You don’t even know how much I wish I were eighteen this year, but not for the reasons you’d think.  Sure, staying out all night, being able to take care of myself, and graduation sound great, but what I really want to do this year is VOTE!

Everyday I see political ads everywhere and it really drives me insane knowing that I don’t get a say in this.  And although I’m absolutely positive about where I stand on some issues, there are many–such as the presidency–that I’m unsure about.  One of my parents is a democrat and the other is a republican; I often catch them fighting (even if only jokingly) about who’s better:  Obama or McCain?  They may not realize this but it really confuses me about who is the best option.  I’ve also noticed that this particular election has taken a toll in schools.  Four years ago nobody ever mentioned the election in school.  My english teacher does this thing every Friday he calls “The Box.”  Pretty much it’s a square of tape up in the front of his classroom and whoever stands in it can say anything they want free of consequences.  As the weeks have been drawing closer to the election day the main topic in The Box on Fridays has been the presidential race and the main propositions in California.  It’s amazing to me to see how much my classmates and peers have to say about these topics.

Aside from the race, what’s brought up most in The Box is Proposition 8.  I’d say it’s split right down the middle on who agrees and disagrees.  I enjoy getting in arguments with other people in that classroom about this.  Last Friday we kept The Box going all period talking just about gay marriage and human rights.  I have to put it out there right now that if I were eighteen I would vote no.  A friend of mine has told me that a vote yes on 8 is basically a vote yes on letting the government contol every aspect of our lives.  Although I don’t agree with him to the “T,” I do agree with the fact that a vote yes will eventually lead to another thing that people in another state aren’t happy about here, which will lead to another, and etc.  If this goes on we may one day become a totalitarian state such as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.  I believe that it is time for change, and approving marriage is the perfect place to start.

If you disagree with me please feel free to comment this post; I love a good altercation!


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  1. hollieausta

    does anyone even talk about the animal rights issue? cause i think that’s big too.
    when i was at your school, i didn’t need a box to stand in. i totally said what was on my mind to whoever whenever.
    no wonder i didn’t have friends! :[

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