I must say that I procrastinate way too much.  Seriously.  For example, there is an essay that is due tomorrow that I have known about all week.  I literally just started it at about 6:30 this evening.  I had to take a break to take Jodie to her dance class but once I got home I started plugging away.  I’m actually glad I got it done now because the hard copy is not due until 3 tomorrow and the file copy isn’t due until 6 tomorrow evening, and believe it or not but I do know people who will be working on it up until the very last minute.  What I mean by “file copy” is that we have to turn in each essay twice: once in person on paper, and another time on  This website ensures that we don’t plagiarize any essay already written; it literally searches the internet for any kind of written work that matches what we’ve turned in.  Although the only essays we’ve written have been an autobiographical narrative and an editorial–papers that would be very difficult to plagiarize–we’ve still had to submit them to turnitin.

Anyway, the whole point of my prattling is to announce that I have successfully completed yet another assignment after a week of procrastination.  =)  Kudos to me.



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2 responses to “procrastination

  1. Secrets from an Admirer

    thanks for taking me to dance, by the way :]

  2. Laura

    but the question remains was it your very best work?

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