how old is too old?

Halloween is coming up fast and, up until recently, I was excited to go trick-or-treating.  My excitement withered however when I had a conversation with a very good friend–my best friend to be specific.  He told me that “That’s silly… I wanna do something but I’m not sure trick-or-treating is it.”  Wow, when did we grow up?  He and I have gotten together every year since seventh grade to go around the neighborhood and collect free candy.  It was the fun thing to do on Halloween night without getting into too much trouble.

Talking to other friends I’ve discovered that most of them are following his example and making more “grown-up” plans this year.  Of course by “grown-up” I mean that they’re going to party, which I’m not sure is the best idea for me to do judging my recent experiences in that position…

Anyway, we’re only sixteen/seventeen years old?  Is trick-or-treating really too immature for us?  I was seriously planning on doing for a couple more years while I could.  Although I guess I see where they’re coming from: this time last year adults looked strangely at my friends and me while we were out and about because we are “too old for Halloween.”  But really, how can you be too old?  Every year I see forty-/fifty-/sixty-somethings out with their kids/grandkids and they’re the ones eyeing me up and down because I’m too old?!  Really?  I’m sensing a bit of hypocrisy here.  But, of course, I’m just misjudging them. I mean, I guess they have more a reason to be out than I do: I’m nothing more than a puck-ass teenager craving mischief.  Of course!  Who’s misjudging now?

I really just wish we could stay young forever.  Sometimes I feel like I’m growing up too fast and in my opinion Halloween is the perfect time to slow down and be a kid again.  Obviously, however, my peers don’t feel the same way.  So I suppose this will be my first year being an “adult” on Halloween night.  =/



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