can I get my change?

Earlier this evening I was at Target picking up some toiletries and other stuff.  Only three checkout lanes were open and the lines were longer than necessary, considering a lot of staff members were just walking around and the cashiers actually working looked very stressed.  When I got up to the front of the line to pay (my total was $30.62 and I payed $31) the cashier neglected to give me my change.  Sure it was only 38 cents but you never know when you’re going to need it.  I told her that I would like my change and, instead of giving it to me right away, she shot me a dirty look and said, “It’s under one dollar; do you really need it?” RUDE!  I shot her my fakest smile and said, “Yes, I do.  Can I get my change, please?!”  Of course, she glared me down and practically threw the quarter, nickle, and penny into my open hand.  Believe me, I was more than irritated as I walked out.

As I headed to my car I noticed a bum sitting on the bench out front.  He had a home-made (err, street-made?) sign that said “HUNGRY & BROKE =(”  I know that he may have been bluffing as most bums are, but I immediately had a terrible feelingin my gut.  It was worse than anger.  I couldn’t take it.  I gave that bum the 38 cents that I had just argued for.  As I walked to my car I felt better knowing that I had helped that man out, even if he would just waste it on drugs or booze.

So BOO TO YOU bitchy-target-cashier-lady.  That spare change went to (hopefully) something good!



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3 responses to “can I get my change?

  1. I would have dragged the manager to the register and made a scene. I have a low tolerance for that kind of customer abuse, and I used to work for CompUSA, which elevated customer abuse to an art form.

    That reminds me. I have to go make a Pep Boys manager squirm. He pled with me not to call corporate for making me wait over an hour for an oil change appointment. (I left.) I think they should install my new stereo for free, don’t you?

  2. Laura

    oh you know your mommy~dearest fired off a letter to the Target corporate.

  3. hollieausta

    pretty sure you should have made a bigger stink about it. most stores (especially chain stores) have a shrink program as you now know helping me study that paper for my meeting tonight. remember, cash variances within 5 dollars for the whole month? i’m pretty sure target’s cash variance is bigger, but imagine if every cashier with held 38 cents every shift? it doesn’t seem like a lot until you add it up. she probably would have gotten written up, especially for being so rude. write a letter to target on their website, they’ll send you a five dollar gift card! haha

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