So this term at my school I’m in advanced theater.  This is my second time in this class.  I took it again because the last time we perform so lame pirate musical and I wanted to do something more substantial.  You can imagine my dissapointment when I found out that this year we will be performing a Dr. Seuss musical.


Not only will we be performing Seussical the Musical, but the advanced choir class will be joining us.  I, like everyone else in the class, thought “Okay, so they’ll be singing and we’ll be acting.  That’s cool.”  Oh no.  The choir kids will be joining us in the auditions and will have their own roles in the play. “But,” the theater teacher informed us, “we will be casting based on how well the acting auditions go, not the singing auditions.”  My friends and I figured that we would have an advantage over the choir kids and that theater kids would easily get the lead roles.  Imagine our surprise when the cast list came out this morning.  Not only did the two best actors in my class get smaller roles, but most of the leads were, in fact, choir kids!  Really?  When my friend and I asked the teacher why the list was the way it was our teacher replied, “Well, you didn’t do very well on the singing audition.”  Really?  No, you really just said that?  Because we were under the impression that the singing audition didn’t matter, according to what you said.  Really.  So now we’re stuck in this class with a bunch of weirdo-choir kids performing a stupid musical with parts we don’t even like.

The rest of the year is going to be AMAZING.


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