Europe days 1-3

Day One:                                                                                 June 10, 2009

Zoë and Squishy's European VacationToday is June tenth, which means that I am currently on a plane to London.  The flight is about halfway in so it’s probably about nine or ten back in California.  The food is good for what it is.  I’m sitting next to a woman and her son who hardly speak any English at all.  Immediately after takeoff she turned to me and said that I should find another seat because she needed all three for the two of them so she could spread out.  And then, maybe about five seconds ago, she woke up and turned the lights out on me.  Now I’m writing by the light of my ipod.  That’s right, I didn’t move—I’m no enabler—this was the seat on my ticket.  I’m sorry, but I am so annoyed.  Anyway, the seat backs have little personal televisions on them so we can watch movies and a few TV shows.  So far I’ve watched Zoolander and Milk and I’m positive that I’ll end up watching some Law & Order.  I was hoping on making a dent in The Fountainhead but I don’t see that happening now that I have no light.  I was going to take a picture of squishy over the clouds or something but my luck being what it is I got the aisle seat.  I’m so tired right now but I know I’m not going to be able to sleep in these uncomfortable chairs with this kid kicking me in his sleep and all the thirteen year olds around me taking MySpace pictures.  Well, I’ve done enough eye-straining for the time being.  kbye.

Day Two:                                                                                June 11, 2009

Right about now it’s noon in California, AKA eight o’clock in London.  We have all been up for over thirty hours and we’ve been walking all day.  When we got off the plane we met up with the rest of our tour group from Texas.  Then we drove to the city center and walked around a whole bunch of tourist hot spots, and then we jumped back on the bus for about an hour to get to dinner, and continued to drive another hour after that to get to our hotel.Zoë and Squishy's European Vacation (3)Zoë and Squishy's European Vacation (5)

Now we’re all showered and refreshed and super-tired.  I should explain why traffic is so bad: there’s a strike of the London Underground so everyone is either driving or walking.  The roads are so confusing and everything is backwards!  And also the shower took forever to heat up and the room is tiny.  Sorry I’m keeping this short, but I’m exhausted.  I think Sarah and I are going to the nearby gas station to get food and money, then it’s off to bed for me!  kbye.

Day Three:                                                                              June 12, 2009

I feel kind of bad that I didn’t write more of yesterday so I’m going to explain then before I do today.  After we landed we had to take a train to another side of the airport to get our luggage, then take a bus back to the terminal we landed at to meet the rest of our tour group.  They’re from middle-of-nowhere town, Texas, population less than two thousand.  They’re all pretty awesome though.  After we met them, everybody piled onto another bus and met our tour director, Silvana.  A tour director is pretty much a tour guide with a higher salary.  She talks so much and it gets really annoying really fast.  We went to some museum and just hung around outside watching the street performers.  There was this fat, black guy who just danced to no music at all.  There was also a guy doing magic tricks who kept taking his clothes off; he had two or three outfits on underneath his original clothes.  When we left we walked forever through different parts of London to another open touristy area where we watched even more street performers and tried to stay awake.  Afterward we walked even more to find our bus which took us to some American/fifties style diner where we ate fish and chips.  After dinner everyone slept on the bus ride to the hotel we are staying in.  The hotel is tiny and stuffy.  Ugh.  After showers we all pretty much collapsed in bed.  That was about eight-thirty.  Today we woke up at seven-thirty to tour London.  We met a local tour guide who talked even more than Silvana.  With her we merely drove around while she talked about British history and stuff like that.  At about noon we went to watch the changing of the guard, then we split up for free time.

Zoë and Squishy's European Vacation (21)Zoë and Squishy's European Vacation (14)Zoë and Squishy's European Vacation (24)

It was about this time that my camera died and I realized that I left all the extra batteries back at the hotel, so I don’t have any more pictures of today (sorry Mom).  We took the Underground to the Tower Bridge and walked over to Henry XIII’s castle to see the Crown Jewels.  Then we got back on the Underground and met up with the rest of the group for dinner in Soho.  FYI: Soho isn’t as great as it’s made out to be.  For dinner everyone had mashed potatoes and sausage but I—being the only vegetarian—had veggie lasagna and salad.  We then went back to the Underground where half the group went to Abbey Road and the other half, myself included, went back to the hotel.  Now we’re here, its ten o’clock and the sun literally just now set.  Well, I’m going to bed now since we have to leave at 5:30 to get on the train to France!  w00t!


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