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Loneliness seems to have been plaguing me lately.  All I’ve been busy with these past few weeks is work.  I’ve been agreeing to cover coworkers shifts because I have nothing better to do.  And when I’m not at work I’m at home–which is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I can only stand spending so much time with the fambam.  The last few nights I’ve been forcing myself to go out, even by myself, because it’s the last week of summer and I don’t want this one to be the worst of them all (although, since it’s practically over, it appears that it will be).

I’ve been spending the time that I have at the Top of the World because it’s so amazingly peaceful up there.  It’s definitely my favorite place to be.  For those of you who don’t know where or what the Top of the World is, it’s a hill in the Altamont Pass where if you look one direction you can see all of Livermore and if you look the other way you can see all of Tracy.  It’s beautiful to see during sunset or at night when all the lights come on.  I was there just last night waiting to see the lights and get a picture–with my cell phone of course since my camera is still broken from Rome (which reminds me that I need to finish my Europe blogs)–when a security guard pulled up and told the other cars there and me that we couldn’t park up there and we had to leave.  I know, right!  I was shocked that there was security too!  I was bummed that I couldn’t get a picture of the city, but I did get one of the windmills on the way up.

top of the world2

I’ve been increasingly mopey lately, but I don’t want to talk about it, so we’ll leave it at that.

School begins next week, and my feelings are rather mixed on the topic..  On the one hand I want to go back because all I’ve done with this summer was go to Europe and work.  Europe was an absolute blast, but I think that if we went more near the middle of ther season then it would have been much more memorable than it was in the beginning.  On the other hand I’m definitely not ready for school because I feel like there’s so much more I can get done this summer.  You and I both know I’m kidding myself here because I haven’t done anything yet so why would I start now?


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