I can’t think of a title

I know what you’re thinking: “Where the fuck is the rest of your Europe trip!  You’ve only gotten halfway through and I want to know the rest!!”  Well, I’m obviously too lazy to finish those blogs.  Don’t worry, I will… eventually.  But for now I’m busy with work and school and my recent outbreak of migraines.

You heard me right; I had the worst headache of my life since Sunday night up until now.  Monday and Tuesday also came equipped with a stomachache and spewing my guts out inside of a toilet (isn’t that just a disgusting word: spew).  Tuesday I went to see the doctor and she said I couldn’t have any caffeine–which is stupid, because everything I drink has caffeine with the exception of water, and I’ve been told by numerous people that caffeine actually helps with headaches.  As you can imagine I didn’t listen to her, seeing as I’m awake.  She also said that the migraines probably come with my menstrual cycle and I should expect more.  Shit.  That is definitely not something I wanted to hear.  Now enough of that….

I’ve been quite wasteful with my money lately.  I know I should be saving it but I just can’t help but go to the mall and spend spend spend.  Some of the things I’ve bought lately include:


And I still want to buy:

62449297-0262494576-0362576620-0164181896-0164837087-0165486086-02Please tell me I’m not going overboard!  I need to save money!

I went to a show the other night at the Empire Theater in Stockton.  The only band I knew that was playing was Hellogoodbye and I had already seen them once before (and, to tell the truth, they aren’t that good live).  I just wanted to go to hang out with some friends.  We ended up only going inside about three times, but one of the times a band called Fun was playing.  They sounded pretty cool so when I got home I checked them out and fell in love <3<3<3!  They’re seriously one of my favorite bands now, I absolutely adore them!  I definitely reccommend you check them out.

Other than what I’ve said I can’t really think of anything I feel like sharing, so I’m going to head to bed.  I pinky swear, I’ll work on the Europe blogs as soon as I can!  Good night.


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  1. At least you look cute :)

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