Oh! Darling,

Please believe me….

I’m sure you know the rest. =)

I just wanted to let everyone in on my emotional roller-coaster that’s been going on as of late.  I’ve been so incredibly stressed (as I have stated in previous posts) and all of that stress has been making me unhappy.  I hate being unhappy, it’s the worst feeling ever.  Well maybe not the worst, but it’s a step above depression which makes it pretty bad.  Being unhappy has driven me absolutely insane, and I honestly think that unhappiness is the reason I’ve been so frugal with my money recently.

But, thankfully, a number of recent events have brought me back to the sunny-side of life.  One of which is finally getting my own room, which led to me having much more privacy (thanks to a lock on my door) and not being so grumpy and/or bitchy all the time.  Another is making more time for my friends.  I used to come home from work every weekend and sulk because no one would call me and invite me out.  Well I’ve realized that a friendship is most definitely a two-way street and I have to put some effort into it.  So I began to call them and invite them to hang out with me.  Trust me, it’s done wonders.  One more thing (but definitely not the last) that is helping out is turning in one of my college applications.  Now I just have to apply for financial aid and scholarships and more stressful things like that!

I’m so excited for what the immediate future holds for me, because (I hope) things can only get better from here!


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