“Can we be friends again?!”

It’s funny how that one phrase we used to joke about has become so true for us.  Actually, it’s not funny at all.

How did we let this happen?  We used to be the closest of friends, us three.  Now we can’t even bring ourselves to make eye contact when we pass.

What the fuck?  You two seem so close now, even closer than before.  How is it that I am the only one who’s out?

I’ve done so much thinking lately and have gone over all the possible scenarios.  Have I changed?  Or is it you who has changed?  Or maybe it’s just the changing of the times?  All the thinking has come down to this: I’m just not a good friend.  How can I be; I can’t open up to people.  I’m too quiet and I have a hard time trusting people enough.  I’m constantly surrounded by people who need to fill to void with constant chatter and when I do have something to say I can’t get a word in edgewise.  I’m a terrible friend.  It’s whatever.

I suppose I’ve got to move on, because everyone else obviously has.  It’s for the best, right?  Perfect timing; we’ll soon go off to our various colleges and universities where we can really pretend like we never met.

You know, this kind of started out as a sympathy letter, but now I don’t give a fuck what you think of it, or me.

All I ask is for some acknowledgement when you see me, because, after all, we were friends for at least six years.


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