Best of 2009-Restaurant

Is it any wonder that my best restaurant experience this year was also in Europe?  I’m sure a lot of these bests will be.  Consider it the rest of those damn Europe blogs I never completed.

This particular night was our last night in Rome, Italy AKA our last night in Europe.  Dinner was pasta and gelato for dessert (as was every dinner in Italy.  I don’t think I ate anything other than pizza, pasta, and gelato the entire week.  But I never got sick of it; trust me, European pizza is a lot better than American pizza).  Everyone ordered some wine with their dinner, but to our surprise the waiters brought us full bottles instead of glasses.  The majority of people I was with weren’t keen on drinking too much, but I was down.  I kept saying “I paid six euro for this wine!  I’m going to drink it all!”  Everybody were in great moods because we were all excited to go home the next day.  The energy of the room was uplifting and it was just an all-around amazing night.


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