Best of 2009-Night Out

I honestly can’t say that I’ve had very many great nights out this past year.  Well, would you if you lost a lot of friends?  That’s what I thought.

But my friend Sabrina is known for being there for me when I need someone to talk to or I need a night out.

This night we had gone to the Plea For Peace Center in Stockton to see one of our old buddies, Morgan Manificier.  He was playing a show (cos he does all that music stuff) and it was the first time we had seen him since he left for France (he was a foreign exchange student at our high school a few years back.  He just moved back and is going to school in Oakland).  Afterward, we went to the movies with our friends Jason, Febo, and Adam to see Zombieland (which was hilarious).  We then migrated over to Jason’s driveway and honestly sat outside for a good three hours before I finally left.

That night was full of inside jokes and a little bit of “getting at.”  I know that we didn’t do any of the typical jagerbombs or dancing around on tables but I can honestly say that this night was the best one I had in a long time.



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3 responses to “Best of 2009-Night Out

  1. Laura

    wait! what…”getting at”….typical jager bombs?…you do remember that your mom reads this, right?

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