it’s definitely been awhile…

Honestly, this is mainly a blog for blogging sake.  I have nothing to say, but considering the decline of readers recently and the fact that everyone has been bugging me for a new post, I figured that I might as well.

I finally received my acceptance letter for CSU Monterey Bay!  And I finally got serious about school; I’ve been applying for scholarships and financial aid like crazy because, let’s face it, I need money.  My dad and I went on a tour of the campus last Saturday and the weather was perfect!  I swear I can’t wait to move to Seaside!

Speaking of Saturday, the only reason my dad took me to the school was to get me out of the house for my surprise party.  Apparently, Mom had been planning it for the past two months, and my best friends and my manager were in on it!  It was great to see all of my closest friends together in the same place as my family.  I had a blast.  You can read all about it here if you’d like.

You know what surprise parties mean, right: BIRTHDAYS!  That’s right, as of Friday I am going to be eighteen years old.  To celebrate my coming of age, Hollie is going to take me to do what all eighteen year olds do: get a tattoo!  I’m so psyched to get it, although having to cover it up for work is going to be brutal in the upcoming summer months, But I’m ready to deal with it.

Umm, other than what’s been said I can’t think of anything to tell you readers about.  So until next time….


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