The Lowdown

It’s been quite a while since my last post.  I realize this and I’m sorry.  I wish I had a good explanation as to why I was on this hiatus, but all I can say is that I lost any sort of inspiration to write about anything.  I have been keeping a handwritten journal, but the stuff in there isn’t really the kind of stuff I would like to post on the internet.

Life these past few months has been pretty… average.  I go to work, I hang out with friends, I go home.  Nothing specifically out of the ordinary has occurred.  I graduated from high school, congrats to me I suppose.  I got into Monterey Bay, and have been spending a lot of time getting ready for the move next month.  Move-in day is August 20th;  I’m nervous and excited at the same time, I’m just hoping that my roommates are easy to get along with.  I’ve been working full-time at Starbucks since graduation.  Sometimes it sucks having only one or two days a week off, but I’m not complaining.  A job’s a job and I need the money.  I’m looking into transferring to a store in Monterey county when I move.  I need to get calling managers and whatnot.  I was thinking of taking a day next week and going down to talk to the managers in person, find out what all the stores are like: get the lowdown, you know.  I was also considering, if time allows, getting a second job once I’m settled in.  I probably won’t, but it’s something to consider.

Other than that, nothing has really been happening except typical summer-like activities.  Hope you enjoy this mediocre blog post.  Ha.


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