Day 8 Beautifully Different

Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

There are many things that make me different; I’m not quite sure if any of them light people up, but I know I am different.

For one: look at this hair!  It’s quite hard to disappear into a crowd with a head full of curls such as these.  Especially nowadays, when nearly every girl on the street has the same long-straight-hair-with-swoopy-bangs hairstyle, I value my different hair.  I’ve been told many times that my hair simply “fits” me, and that if I were anyone else it would not look good.  I guess I can take that as a compliment!

Two: I’m about as pale as a piece of paper.  And not the tan-ish recycled paper, the white paper that you use in your printer.  Simple explanation: I can’t tan.  I burn.  When the burn fades I’m pale again, if not paler than before.  I lather on sunscreen multiple times to keep from burning, but I still burn, and then I’m white again.  I like to flaunt it though.  Again, nearly everyone these days is orange.  ORANGE IS NOT A SKIN COLOR, yet you still see ORANGE people walking down the street like a bunch of overgrown Oompa Loompas.  I personally find fake-baking disgusting, and don’t see why anyone would ever want to put themselves through that just to have leathery skin as an adult.  Bleh.

Third: I’m self confident.  Not that many people can say that about themselves.  But I know that I have the strength to walk into any building with my head held high despite (or in spite of?) however I may look on that particular day.  From my translucently pale skin to my crazy auburn hair, I am confident no matter how I look or who I’m with.

Last (maybe): I consider myself to be creative.  It may not seem like anything extraordinary, but I know many people who can’t even color inside the lines.  I, on the other hand, taught myself how to crochet at age fifteen (I know I seem to be bringing that up a lot recently, but I just got back into it and I’m trying to promote myself here).  On top of being able to create such fantastic blankets and scarves from a mere ball of yarn, I am able to sell them and have begun to do so here.

These are the things that make me different, beautifully, and I am very much proud of them.


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One response to “Day 8 Beautifully Different

  1. Zoeeeee! Great hair, gorgeous blue clips & an absolutely fabulous picture! I’m going to take a leaf from your book and claim self confidence & creativity for myself. Enjoyed your quirky writing and OompaLoompaing. Shine on sister xo
    Tia #reverb10

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