2011 Resolutions (So Far)

So the new year began seven days ago, and I still have yet to start most of my resolutions.  I’ve never taken them very seriously, but this year I feel like I need to get my act together.  I’m now considered an “adult” in society and I think that it’s about time I started acting like one.

The resolutions I came up with this year were:

  1. Write more. I have yet to pick up a pen and my journal and this is my first blog of the new year, so I think you can guess how that’s going.  I’ve always loved writing and at one point I even considered becoming a journalist.  However I haven’t really done much writing.  All of my teachers in high school have told me time and time again what a talented writer I am and that if I apply myself I could be really spectacular.  But I never have any inspiration.  That’s what writers need right?  That’s what drives the creative.  I just need to find something to continuously inspire me I guess.
  2. Eat healthy. I’ve been trying, but it’s hard to go from eating junk all the time to eating healthy.  What do you expect?  I’m a college student.  But I’ve decided to start buying more fruits and vegetables, taking advantage of the kitchen in my dorm building to cook my meals instead of scarfing a bag of chips, and (maybe) going to the gym more.  I like running.  I miss running.  I just can’t find it in myself to go to the gym every day.  I also need to ride my bike more.  My parents bought me a really nice cruiser for school and I’ve only ridden it three times in the last four months.  *Note to self: Get off your ass and ride the damn thing!*  I feel like once I start eating healthier I can begin to make better choices like exercising and riding my bike to class instead of driving.
  3. Get rid of things I don’t need. This is the one resolution that I have started.  I’ve already taken a bunch of clothes I never wear to Plato’s Closet and Goodwill, and I was planning on taking more soon.  I have also been sorting through the infinite amount of books that I brought with me to school.  I was planning on selling the ones in good condition online and taking the rest to a used bookstore.  I have so much stuff that I simply do not have the space for and never use that can easily be donated.  If there is one resolution I keep, it will be this one.
  4. Wake up earlier. Sleeping in until 11 or 12 every day would be fine if I had afternoon classes.  However, this semester (much like last semester) I could only find morning classes.  8 o’clock in the morning classes.  Monday through Friday.  So I kind of need to wake up and go to class.  Missing class sucks, especially when you only have that class only one or two times a week.

These are my 2011 resolutions and I plan on keeping them, seeing as they’re more serious than the resolutions I’ve made in past years (stop biting my nails, get a summer job, etc.) as those all kinda failed eventually.



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3 responses to “2011 Resolutions (So Far)

  1. Jesse

    I find that reading inspires me to write, and reading about writing. Also, story telling in general. Reading old mythology and comparing it to the mythology created in television and film has inspired me to create my own. Autobiographical narratives may inspire you to look into your life where you’ve never looked before and writing about it may teach you more about yourself. Art is nothing without inspiration and inspiration is something that can only be passed to one another.

  2. Jesse

    What would you like to write?

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