About This Fool

5112_1171516696039_1471671727_30446688_3351850_nI’m just a fool of a girl who enjoys writing.

Hi, I’m Zoë.  Most of you readers were probably referred here from my mom’s blog.  I’m an eighteen year old who leads a mundane life as a college student.  It’s whatever.  Definitely nothing to brag about.

I’m a first year major in Psychology at California State University Monterey Bay, and I still have no clue what I want to do with my life.  I have a fantastic family, an amazing boyfriend, and wonderful best friends.  I gotta say, life is pretty good.

These posts are just me messing around or taking out pent up frustrations on the internet.  Writing has always kind of been my “thing,” yet I have no idea if I ever want to do anything with it.  Maybe I’ll write a book or something.  Who knows, I could be somebody someday. =)

Umm, that’s really it I suppose.  Have fun reading.


3 responses to “About This Fool

  1. Sabrina

    you already are a somebody, ’nuff said

  2. joe

    I’m gonna have to agree, you are cool.

    and i miss you, hopefully i’ll be back up north to visit soon.

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